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emc92 Apr3-12 06:17 PM

Series Proof help!
(1) Show that |ln 2 - ƩNn=1 ((-1)n-1)(1/n)| ≤ 1/(N+1)
(2) Show that |sin x - ƩNn=0 ((-1)n)/(2n+1)!| ≤ |x|2N+2/(2N+2)!

I really don't know where to start. should I change the sums to series first then work my way through? Please help!

Dick Apr3-12 06:29 PM

Re: Series Proof help!
Those are alternating series. The error bound is just the next element of the series.

emc92 Apr3-12 07:00 PM

Re: Series Proof help!
ohhhhh wow now i see. thanks so much!

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