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Ivan Seeking Jan28-05 12:48 AM

Weather Wars
From the thread:

Well Dayle, I emailed Scott Stevens
and asked about the claims at your linked site. Here is his response. I didn't think that it would take long to nip this in the bud.


Hello Mr. Stevens
I was hoping to confirm or discredit the information on following page.

Many thanks...
His reply

This story is an accurate discription of what is going on...

If you wanted to review my site it can be found at

Start looking to the skies, there is much going on up there that hasn't yet been discussed on the evening news. That is now changing. The time has come to address and publicly talk about what has been forbidden until now.

Take care,

--Scott Stevens
oh. :uhh:

russ_watters Jan28-05 07:29 AM

edit: Well, surprise surprise:

It does, however, imply that he never finished his meteorology degree.

Ivan Seeking Jan28-05 02:08 PM

I agree. He never claims to have finished college.

mapper Jan28-05 02:08 PM

lol read this quote from this guys theory:


My theories (2B is the best fit so far):

1. Spraying is performed by someone on Earth who has advanced technology. Problem with this theory: there are thousands of these craft spraying the Earth. To manufacture such high numbers of exotic craft would attract attention, and other countries are being sprayed so one government should be ruled out. Can you imagine another country allowing you to spray this stuff?

2. Spraying is performed by Earth humans from the future who travel back in time to either:

A. Reduce the effects of fallout from a soon-to-come nuclear war. Apparently the war was so destructive that the survivors are not thriving. By reducing the effects of the war by spraying radiation absorbing barium, the time travelers hope to allow more people and plants to survive. Of course you must believe the parallel time line nature of reality to believe this and also realize that they simply came back to create a new time line where Earth recovered more quickly. Problem with this theory: they would not spray for two years because the stuff falls to the ground or is blown away a day or two after spraying. If they are from the future, they know when the war starts. Any spraying more than two days before the beginning of the war wouldn't have much effect, but they have been spraying for two years.

B. Reduce the effect of the "new" sun on our planet. The sun has been freaking out out for the past few years. Of course our government has tried to keep this information from us, but the effects are hard to miss if you have any interest in astrophysics. The increased activity of the sun may be having a disastrous effect on our DNA. Earth humans from the future may have decided to reduce this damage by traveling back in time and blocking as much of the sun's radiation as possible. In our labs we have proven that time travel is possible and the parallel worlds theory proposed by a number of scientists shows a simple way that such time travel is possible without causing a paradox no matter what you did when you travel to the past. One problem with this theory is that chemtrails have been seen at night. If they were protecting us from the sun it would make more sense to spray in the earlier part of the day.

So look up in the sky! Is it a jetliner? A tanker? An ETV? No! It's my great great great grandson.

3. ETs who want us to be their servant race. To reduce their transportation costs they are eliminating Earth humans who couldnít live with the pollutants they have sprayed into our air which represents the air on their planet. When there is a high level of spraying, hospitals have an increase of elderly coming in with respiratory distress. Problem with this theory: the ET's planet canít have enough room for all the people on Earth. They must have another, more selective ways to pick who they will take.

If you have a better theory, please, Iíd like to hear it. contact me at Paul Winter. Donít tell me they are contrails, Iíve seen with my own eyes what is spraying us.

Particularly like this one:

In our labs we have proven that time travel is possible
I missed that memo.

mapper Jan28-05 02:24 PM

LOL just followed this link from that orig site to get to this page.

Funniest shiat ive ever read.

matthyaouw Jan28-05 02:40 PM

Isn't it fascinating how there has been no language development whatsoever in the next few thousand years?
I've seen some fairly appauling crackpot babbling in my time, but that one has to be one of the worst.

mapper Jan28-05 02:49 PM

Its been around an hour since ive read it and i still cant stop laughing. Best hangover day ever! Anymore entertaining links like this one that you have found?

Ivan Seeking Jan28-05 03:31 PM

Why do I get the feeling that this guy won't be doing weather reports much longer?

matthyaouw Jan29-05 10:30 AM


Quote by mapper
Its been around an hour since ive read it and i still cant stop laughing. Best hangover day ever! Anymore entertaining links like this one that you have found?

See this thread:

I espescially enjoyed the flat earth theory page.
I clicked the link called "the evidence" and it said "This page is under construction. Please come back when we have got our act together." I couldn't have put it better myself!

Ivan Seeking Jan30-05 02:27 AM

Well, he went and did it now. Stevens is the guest on Coast to Coast AM tonight - 10 million listeners. Either the station is planning to basque in the glow of controversy, or Stevens had better plan to change careers.

What's your vote? Will Stevens have a job on Monday?

mapper Jan31-05 09:25 AM

So what happened with the Coast to Coast AM show? Has he picked a new career yet lol?

Ivan Seeking Jan31-05 05:28 PM

He still seems to be there.

K.J.Healey Jan31-05 06:10 PM

I thought the reason for the wavelike nature of clouds was due to them traveling over something like mountains, where it forces an oscillation of pressure changes after it clears them?

I also really wish I had a cloud picture that looked like a bunny rabbit, I would foward it to him and ask him if he can explain it...

Ivan Seeking Jan31-05 06:54 PM

All else aside, that is to say, I have no interest in any of his theories, but he agrees with you. He also claims that there are no mountains involved with these patterns. Part of his claim involves storm systems splitting allegedly with no known model that predicts such behavior. This should be easy enough to confirm or debunk. The rest is moot. His claims may be no more affected by his way-out theories than by his religion.

I have asked a few meteorologist to comment on his cloud pictures. So far, no response. I haven't looked yet but there must be someone out there talking down his clouds. Everyone seems to gravitate towards the other nonsense, but the clouds are the real issue here. Are his cloud pictures unusual or not?

Ivan Seeking Feb2-05 06:33 PM

I have it on good authority that there is nothing unusual about his clouds. Hopefully another meteorologist will post directly or allow a direct quote.

Edit: It was indicated that meteorologists continue to learn meteorology after the first two years of school. :wink:

Don't drop out of school or you will end up with your head in the clouds. :biggrin:

Ivan Seeking Feb3-05 01:39 AM

A second expert has commented in the negative. Still, off the record.

Out of thousands of cloud patterns in the skies over the years, some will stand out as being more interesting than others, and the ones shown did have interesting features, but not all that unusual. No really square corners!

Ivan Seeking Feb3-05 01:44 AM

Hmmm. I notice that both comments made do involve qualifiers...

Dayle Record Feb3-05 10:30 PM

I posted the link, because it was the first link on the subject. In another thread. The internet is above all things, entertaining.

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