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Peppino Nov18-12 04:29 PM

Equilibrant or Equilibriant?
What is the correct spelling of the word? I've always used equilibriant but I've now heard it should be equilibrant. Any insight into this dilemma?

jtbell Nov18-12 05:04 PM

Re: Equilibrant or Equilibriant?
For what it's worth, Google redirects searches for "equilibriant" to "equilibrant", but does not redirect searches for "equilibrant".

"Equilibrant" is the way I learned it.

mfb Nov18-12 05:05 PM

Re: Equilibrant or Equilibriant?

equilibriant@google -> 2400 hits, most in some questions (including this thread on page 1 :D)
equilibrant@google -> 177,000 hits, many domains and similar uses

Does that answer your question?

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