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Mk Aug23-05 01:35 AM

Web browser features and functions you would like to see or more of
I would like to name my windows if I could displace tabs.

I think there should be user preferences to have a close tab button on every tab.

Built-in customizable RSS reader.
Free beer.

ComputerGeek Aug23-05 01:15 PM

How about full CSS2 support in IE?

dduardo Aug23-05 01:42 PM

Mk, Firefox does all of that with extensions and it is all free as in freedom and free as in beer. What else do you want?

NewScientist Aug23-05 04:47 PM

Tabbed browsing - ip lookup - security...oh wait i have firefox!

mattmns Aug23-05 05:45 PM

I just want IE and all web browsers to use free and open standards so that anyone with a computer and a web browser can access any site they want.

Mk Aug24-05 06:32 AM

I said I would like to see more of it, in more browsers.

Besides, Firefox on Mac OS X isn't near as good as on Windows.

Mudvaynelethaldosage Sep4-05 04:42 AM

I had Opera and really liked it. Opera as I understand it is very similar to Firefox, but I haven't tried Firefox. Unfortunately, I'm on AOL right now. Why use another browser if aol's gonna waste my bandwidth on their software that I don't even want on this computer (obviously not mine, or there would be no aol)?

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