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JamesU Sep11-05 11:41 PM

people have actually clicked the part in my sig
how many people have actually clicked the part in my sig where it'says 'click here'?

The only reason I put it there was to find out the answer to thise question :\

TheStatutoryApe Sep11-05 11:49 PM

It looks like one of those "So and So has just eatten your brain. So and So has eatten 100 brains. Sign up here to join the legions and eat people's brains." Am I right?

JamesU Sep11-05 11:51 PM


TheStatutoryApe Sep11-05 11:54 PM


Quote by yomamma

:rofl: :tongue:
You've been foiled!!

Mk Sep12-05 12:55 AM

No it isn't, its a small marketing plan for a company.

hypatia Sep12-05 06:55 AM

I did, of course I am a clicking fool.

mattmns Sep12-05 08:26 AM

I did not even know you had a sig. I have sigs turned off.

matthyaouw Sep12-05 10:35 AM

I did. I am fast learning not to click on anything associated with the name Yomamma, be it sig, or be it "IM BORED!!1" thread number 98. :tongue:

pattylou Sep12-05 10:42 AM

I see no such "click here" - must have sigs turned off, too.

Moonbear Sep12-05 01:44 PM

I did, but nothing happened. :rolleyes: Might have been one of the bad days on dial-up.

Gale Sep12-05 11:05 PM

i clicked, but before the page loaded i changed my mind, decided that because it was something from you... i likely didn't want to see what it was.

Smurf Sep12-05 11:18 PM

I actually clicked it just a day before you posted this thread, but the internet was slow that day, so I got bored and closed it before it loaded. Havn't really had any incentive to try again since.

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