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blimkie Sep28-05 02:27 PM

Roswell and Nasa Moon Expedition
not sure exactly where to put this so general discussion sounds good.

Last night i was once again watchin TV flipping throguh channels so i stopped on discovery about half way through this issue.
I dont remeber who this guy was i beleive he used to be sumthing to do with US government and he was about 70 years old or so with whtie hair.
Anyways he was going on and on about how the govrnment was keeping huger secres ts from us at these intervetnions he held claiming that it was time for the truth to come out.
He said there have been vistors to earth from other places in the universe and he also believes that NASA expedition and plan to build a station on the moon is so they can try to control the coming and going of ET's to earth and i qoute "shoot at them if they have to" My intitail reaction was this guy is full of sh*t but i am also comfortable saying with a universe so big there msut he some other form of life?

Of course if i searched google for this i would find thousands of ametuer web sites about ufos and other roswell related material. So i have no valid information on this guy.

Crackpottery? plausible? or is this jsut come scray old guy with skitzo? what do you guys think?

matthyaouw Sep28-05 02:54 PM

Stuff like this is best suited for Skepticism & Debunking.
This instance sounds like crackpottery (err, moonbase?) but if you take a look in Skepticism & debunking, you'll find quite a lot of discussion about aliens, UFOs etc.

Ivan Seeking Sep28-05 07:46 PM

I say very little about cover-ups and conspiracies, and I'm not a true believer, but it seems to me that in one form or another this could be true. There have been some very powerful people, say for example Senator Barry Goldwater, who believe that we do know more than we're saying. There is also a very impressive list of former military and intelligence officers who support these claims.

It has often struck me that many of the so called UFO conspiracy "nuts" are exactly those people who should know.

blimkie Sep28-05 07:50 PM

Yea i think the senator was the guy a saw on tv.

Pengwuino Sep28-05 07:53 PM

I thought they wanted a moonbase because its easier to launch things from the moon then it is from the earth. Doesn't seem to make sense though because don't you have to get the things to the moon first from the earth?

Ivan Seeking Sep28-05 07:53 PM

The trouble is that we have no way to know who or what to believe. Even if there is a credible conspiracy story out there, there are probably still thousands of others that are false.

Pengwuino Sep28-05 07:58 PM

Whatever happened to that guy in las vegas who said aliens were gonna be here a few months back. How did he make those things appear in the sky? (Sometime around June)

Ivan Seeking Sep28-05 08:10 PM

He was using balloons. See the banned topics list in the S&D feedback sticky.

blimkie Sep28-05 08:10 PM

Yea that was my understanding of a moon base as well.

I never heard about the guy from las vegas, what exactly did he do?

Ivan Seeking Sep28-05 08:19 PM


Quote by blimkie
I never heard about the guy from las vegas, what exactly did he do?

He's just a two bit con man who got lucky with a little wind.

blimkie Sep28-05 08:29 PM

Its a shame we have such a vast universe and no way of traveling it in our life time and possibly findning another race suh as our own. Sometimes i wish i wasnt so inquisitve on subjects like this! I have so many questions that will never be answered.

Ivan Seeking Sep29-05 12:43 AM

I should mention that I didn't mean to reference the original post directly. I was speaking in the most general terms about any possible cover-up. I can't really stomach any specific claim or alleged fact, which brings up an interesting point. Anyone who thinks about this stuff soon realizes that if ET is here, it would seem to imply that technology exists that goes far beyond anything that can be imagined; or at least nearly so. Given that, if ET is here, we really can't imagine what rules may apply - how to gauge what is reasonable, and what isn't. So we have virtually no way to judge what might or might not be possible - what is absurd, even for an alien. Given that, if you think about these things too much, pretty soon you can almost believe anything, and I think some people do. I think some people get so caught up in this paradox that eventually all limits are ignored. The next thing you know, they sound like complete nuts.

Pengwuino Sep29-05 12:46 AM

ha, i don't think most people know enough about the natural laws that seemingly exist to think about them so much in relationship to an ET that they start believing anything.

If that makes any sense...

Ivan Seeking Sep29-05 12:52 AM


Quote by Pengwuino
ha, i don't think most people know enough about the natural laws that seemingly exist to think about them so much in relationship to an ET that they start believing anything.

If that makes any sense...

I'm thinking of people who are highly respected in their own right, in some cases highly respected scientists, but who come off like complete nuts [by some standards] when they talk about ET. One example would be the daddy of Ufology - Allen Hynek.

I think Steven Greer could be another example; not sure about him yet.

Ivan Seeking Sep29-05 01:01 AM

Try this one out for fun. Imagine that there is a visiting race of ETs. Try to imagine one thing that might happen during a close encounter(III) that wouldn't sound silly if you tried to describe the event to someone else.

Pengwuino Sep29-05 01:22 AM

haha yah... thanks to all the prank reports and the unnatural occurance you'd experience... no one woudl really believe you if it did actually happen.

blimkie Oct29-05 12:50 AM

haha wow i just brought up a discussion that hasnt had a post in like a month but i wanted to comment on Ivan Seeeking's last post

its hard for me to actaully imagine a close encounter with another race from sumwhere in the universe because what would be said. as if there menas of communication would be similiar to ours the only universal language is mathematics and there are endless possibilities on how to display it.
Maybe we could would get anal probes im sure a form of life capable of interstellar travel over light years of space would be extremely fasinated in probing human beings hahahahaha

dgoodpasture2005 Oct29-05 01:37 PM

Why not? I'm sure we'd do exactly the same thing to other life forms on other planets if we/when we ever get there... who knows what their intentions of anal probing is (if they really do it). I believe in aliens, and i believe they can get here, we have a very small understanding of physics. We have yet to experiment with every possible manipulation etc. we have what... 100 years under our belts? imagine 500, we'd be outta this solar system... at least for me that's without a doubt. Intelligent aware beings drive to discover will stop at no means, if we surivive for the next 2,000 years soon we'll most likely get over war, and we'll come together as a race, and the only thing on our minds will be what we don't know, we can finally concentrate on trying to get out of this place. Imagine if there were no wars and everyone was just tired of fighting, or humans as a species just evolved a little more and phased out the whole violence thing. We'd have all the money we need to experiment, not only that, but do it together as a world. And i garuntee you it'd never stop as long as we have dreamers that reach for things beyond mainstream science. We'll get there.

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