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TheAntiRelative Oct18-05 03:29 PM

I'd like to post a link to debunk
Can I post a link in here to debunk without being banned? Mentors keep taking my name literally and giving me extra love....

Evo Oct18-05 03:36 PM

As long as it is a topic suitable to S&D. If the link is to debunk a scientific topic, no, if it is to discuss pseudoscience, no.

I suggest you pm the link to Ivan Seeking and ask his opinion.

TheAntiRelative Oct18-05 03:56 PM

yeah general crackpottery... but eloquent and deceptive crackpottery and I was having problem quickly identifying the problem and wanted help. I'll PM Ivan. Thanks

Ivan Seeking Oct18-05 09:23 PM

As long as the post isn't offensive or in violatation of the posting guidelines, the worst that I would do is to delete or close the thread. And generally speaking it is good to provide a public debunking of nonsense; esp clever nonsense.

Tom Mattson Oct18-05 09:47 PM

It's an anti-relativity website, and it isn't all that clever. I already deleted it from the SR/GR Forum, and ZapperZ issued a warning for it.

Ivan Seeking Oct18-05 10:01 PM

In that case it would last about ten minutes before being closed. :biggrin:

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