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Jun10-06, 12:49 PM
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ahh conversation thats better
Perhaps "the bleep" might inspire another thread and your opinion noted with respect.
I'm a mere child of 47 or so but I will reserve my decision on all this till a
suitably qualified specialist or three can concur. Perhaps I should post some of my "loony" clients research and let you rip it apart, either way controversy works for film-making....look at the da Vinci code, the author always said it was fiction, but the church helped him sell millions.
Please remember I have no agenda here but the facts and to make an interesting and as accurate as possible film.
So if they let me I will leave this thread open for a while..bedtime its 4am in sydney...catch up with the post on the morrow.
oh Ok I cant sleep yet so, some more fun.
The mayans, my clients believe, are privvy to some knowledge perhaps it is similar to this train of thought - sorry i will post the source later...

...after decades of focusing their attentions skyward, the Meinels now in their 80s are grappling with a question that seems, at first light, to be far, far away from astronomy. Namely: Why did modern humans and other species emerge some 40,000 years ago?

So if the calendar is about predicting, solar flares/cosmic bursts/asteroids whatever
it would seeem prudent to my mind to ask some experts.
So if there is no, I will try to choose my words better sir, yes sir, anything that may fit the scenario let me at it...maybe I should have mentioned there are several paid interviewee positions for this film.
OK now its goodnight from downunder (the bloods rushing to my head being upside down n' all..)