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Aug14-06, 11:46 PM
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- every one of them has a one way trip to whatever stability (read death) it has in store. (added in edit) Oh I forgot the KAM theorem that says cycles present in the short term will survive to the long term.
What if those cycles are growth cycles? Instead of absolute stability, can the system tend towards a stable rate of change?
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- no such system, short of death, can be in equilibrium; either it is getting farther from stasis or closer to stasis but never, so long as it's still alive and kicking, at stasis.
In Kurzweil's evolutionary model, there's an equilibrium growth rate, similar to economic growth models. In some intervals a system may be growing very fast, and in others it may be growing very slowly, but it hovers around the equilibrium rate in the long run. That rate is exponential.