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Uncle Al
Oct12-06, 04:32 AM
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Yvon Sauvageau wrote:
> I wish to notify the readers of my solution to a problem that has
> regularly been discussed in this newsgroup.
> Please find a copy of
> "Absolute spacetime is inherent to dynamics"
> [Accepted for publication in Physics Essays]
> At
> Abstract:
> Ever since the Greek Antiquity, it has been debated whether physical
> motion is relational or absolute. In the absence of any clear
> resolution, all discourses on the subject have been confined to
> qualitative philosophical arguments. This article demonstrates
> mathematically that the laws of dynamics imply that motion is absolute.
> In addition, this article elucidates Newton's bucket phenomenon.

You won't get a reputable journal to publish your contention (other
than in an 01 April issue) because it is so blatantly empirically
wrong. A huge body of work across a vast array of venues and scales -
without a single observational exception - says you are wrong. GPS
for instance, and

Physics Today 57(7) 40 (2004)
No aether
No Lorentz violation

Uncle Al
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