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Oct16-06, 06:09 PM
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From Carl Sagan's Cosmos;

If the cosmos is closed...there's a strange, haunting, evocative of the most exquisite conjectures in science and religion. It's entirely may never be proved, but it's stirring. Our entire universe, to the farthest galaxy, we are no more than a closed a far grander universe we can never see. That universe is only an elementry another still greater universe and so on forever. Also, every electron in our universe, it is an entire miniature cosmos...containing galaxies and stars and life, and electrons. Everyone of those electrons contains a still smaller infinite regression up and down.
Another similar philosophical saying;

There is an idea--strange, haunting, evocative- one of the most exquisite conjectures in science or religion. It is entirely undemonstrated; it may never be proved. But it stirs the blood. There is, we are told, an infinite hierarchy of universes, so that an elementary particle, such as an electron, in our universe would, if penetrated, reveal itself to be an entire closed universe. Within it, organized into the local equivalent of galaxies and smaller structures, are an immense number of other, much tinier elementary particles, which are themselves universe at the next level, and so on forever- an infinite downward regression, universes within universes, endlessly. And upward as well. Our familiar universe of galaxies and stars, planets, and people, would be a single elementary particle in the next universe up, the first step of another infinite regress.
It is an interesting conjecture, but obviously cannot be proved. If our universe is apart of a multiverse, there is no reason to claim that the multiverse isn't apart of some greater multiverse, and so on forever. And who knows, perhaps elementery particles can become infinitely small (correct me if this has been proven wrong). So in a way the closed electron universe conjecture isn't all that different in essence. An infinite regression up and down is what they both (this conjecture and M-Theory) share. Both also have an equal amount of physical evidence (unless you consider mathematics as physical evidence ;)).

BTW though, why does it have to be a closed electron as opposed to a closed proton or closed neutron? Is there some universe manifesting property suspected in electrons?
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