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Dec12-03, 01:06 PM
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Originally posted by dace
I do not agree that both of their watches read 5 seconds.
Now you're contradicting yourself; you said that you agreed that the watches tick at the same rate through the wormhole.

So, I take it that I was right:

Okay, so you disagreed with my very first statement: that through the wormhole, his time passes at the same rate as yours. So, for instance, you disagree that you can talk to him through the wormhole normally; you disagree that he can grab your hand through the wormhole without his hand being time dilated; you disagree that after five seconds (according to you in the lab), he lets go of your hand.
You disagree with all of those statements. But it is a simple fact that you can do all of those things, if a wormhole is present: that's the definition of a wormhole.

After Fred returns from his ride in the centrifuge, his watch reads five seconds. But Frank, who merely watched the ride, shows 1 minute on his watch.
That's fine, but 55 seconds earlier on Frank's watch, when Frank's watch read 5 seconds, Fred's watch also read 5 seconds, through the wormhole, and Fred can step through the wormhole at that time.

The reason Fred's watch shows only 5 seconds is that the high speed at which he traveled dilated him in time twelve-fold, so that his 5 seconds are stretched out to equal one minute of "normal" time. He has not dropped into the past but simply aged 55 seconds less than normal.
For the N+1th time, Fred doesn't drop into the past by being centrifuged. Fred, Frank, or anybody else can drop into the past, regardless of whether they were centrifuged or time dilated with respect to anyone, if they step through the spun wormhole mouth.

It doesn't matter whether a wormhole mouth has been sent through the centrifuge along with Fred.
Of course it does. If you just have two synchronized wormhole mouths, then if you step through one of them, you will immediately appear out the other at the same time. It's only if you centrifuge one of them that the mouths are connected to each other at different times.

The wormhole cannot transmute Fred's 5 dilated seconds into 5 normal seconds.
Nobody's dilated seconds are being "transmuted", traded or anything else. Why do you keep repeating yourself after being corrected several times? It doesn't matter whether Fred experiences any time dilation: he can still go back in time if one of the wormhole mouths experiences time dilation, and so can anybody else, time dilated or not.

Regardless of how Fred returns to the lab, his 5 seconds will equal the 1 minute that passed outside the centrifuge, and he will not be back in time.
Your statement is has nothing to do with the predictions of general relativity, or even logic.