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Oct20-06, 03:05 PM
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but isnt there another way to convert all this energy into electricity?
...... if there was one it would probably already be in use... so i guess this is a stupid question.

regarding waist products: i live near a nuclaer power plant and i always hear about contamination of the water. why cant we have a really big container of water to gradually cool down all this water? or at least something to cool it down. to my understanding, all this steam gets shoved through this turbine, then is it re-used? is anything sent to the river? there are steam vents, giant concrete pillars, i forgot what they're called, but if the steam is leaving through there, all that potentially radioactive steam is "venting" into our atmosphere.
so much for all this talk of clean nuclaer energy.
if it is being re-used, why is there contamination.
actually, im over at the Hanford sight so i bet theres alot of explinations for that problem...... it might not be the reactor. i know we have massive ammounts of radioactive waist underground here. some even are leaking and eroding already.... not good....
last time i looked, i didnt glow green, so i think im good for now...

thanks a lot everybody, your helping very much
pardon my spelling and grammar mistakes