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Nov4-06, 03:38 PM
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Daryl McCullough wrote:
> I'm a little bit confused about white holes. Many physics
> web pages, including
> and
> and
> all describe white holes as the time-reversal of black holes.
> It's hard for me to know what that could possibly mean, since
> the black hole metric is *symmetric* under time-reversal:
> ds^2 = -(1-2m/r) dt^2 + 1/(1-2m/r) dr^2 + r^2 dOmega^2

IMHO it only refers to deciding whether d/dt is future- or
past-pointing (aka. "time orientation of a Lorentz manifold"). This
flips the positively-time-oriented basis which means the metric tensor
"flips" too (becuse its components don't). Confusingly, the components
in the Eddington-Finkelstein basis do change upon t->-t. Extending
certain geodesics back in time into the interior works only if d/dt is
past-pointing, hence the singularity must be repelling.

I always had this problem with white holes in the sense that what
conceivable principle could determine WHAT comes out of them? A piano?
A sperm whale? Ketchup?

Jan Bielawski