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Nov8-06, 04:01 PM
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Quote Quote by Lelan Thara
Nobody has tried to tell me that the extra spatial dimensions actually describe a volume that is hidden from us and unmeasureable with 3 spatial dimensions.
My point is that this may indeed be the case! The extra dimensions may be as real as our ordinary 3, although compactified.

Extra spatial dimensions will always remain unmeasureable. We will never be able to point a ruler at them.
No no. We'll try to measure them at LHC.

Why not conceive of higher dimensions in terms of energies, frequencies, wavelengths?
This sounds more like new age stuff (no offense).
Remember that all extra dimensions in string theory are spatial.
To start with, all (including the ordinary 3) dimensions are on the same footing. It's just that all but 3 need to be compactified.

Maybe a day will come when the mathematical formalism of higher spatial dimensions will get translated into terms other than spaces - into something measureable.
Until then, I suggest we call them real.