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Nov19-06, 01:44 AM
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You have to be kidding me. Are you really so interested in arguing for the sake of arguing that you are now trying to convince that being tied up and physically dragged out of a building is an example of exercising free will? You have to be kidding!
Maybe I was not clear enough. The distinction is this:

If you are physically restrained and moved somewhere, you are not coerced into making any decisions you did not want to make. Your free will is in that respect preserved. It's true that the choices you can physically make are then restricted, but from those very limited choices you may do whatever you like.

If you are coerced into doing something, it's not just that physical circumstances rule out certain choices for you. It's actually that someone has forced your decision for you; through pain, they have forced you to act in the way they would like. That's a fundamental violation of your free will itself, not just of the physical circumstances that it is constrained to act within.