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The June Crain Story. [note: This story is confirmed my multiple sources as well as by audio excerpts from the actual interview]

This is the transcript of the interview that I held with June Crain1 in her home at 896
Catala Ave. SE Ocean Shores, WA 98569 on June 27, 1997. At the time of this
interview June was 72 years old and she had outlived two husbands and survived
two bouts with cancer.

The tape of the interview was transcribed by Mary Sullivan, who was working as a secretary
in the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office. She completed this transcription on her
own time. It was completed within two weeks of the time of the interview.
Right after we conducted this interview June contacted her attorney, Scott Sage, and he
prepared a notarized affidavit for her, granting me the rights to her life story. She did this
without my knowledge.

June Kaba was a well-known philanthropist in her community of Ocean Shores,
Washington. She led a charity campaign that succeeded in raising funds to build a new
library. I met her in 1993 after giving a UFO lecture in the new Ocean Shores Library, a
bright modern building that existed largely due to her efforts.
She approached me afterwards and told me that I was right — that our Government does
know much more than it ever says publicly about UFO’s. I asked her how she knew this.
She said, “Because I worked there.” I asked her for details and she said, “I can’t tell you —
they’ll come and arrest me.” I asked her to remember me if she ever changed her mind.

Four years later I learned that she had made inquiries about me. She decided that I could be
trusted not to arrest her once I knew her story, even though I was a detective sergeant for the
Aberdeen Police Department at the time.

She was most proud of her work for the US Government as a civilian employee at Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base from 1942 to 1952. Her pride and loyalty were the causes of her
dilemma—She was bound by her loyalty oath and yet she had no tolerance for deception by
anyone, more especially any official, at any level of government, as some questionable local
politicians had learned to their regret.

June was angry because of what she perceived as a great hypocrisy, that on the one hand the
existence of UFO’s is officially denied, and yet in classified laboratories where she worked,
she overheard scientists and engineers discussing artifacts and bodies from recovered,
crashed UFO’s. She believed that the public deserves to be told the truth. [continued]