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Jan13-07, 08:25 AM
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Perhaps a partition is the smallest calamity at this point? Much like (also ex-British) Pakistan in '47. . . . May not slow down sectarian civil war, but at least localize it to borders and disputed regions.
Then again, it may not remain localized. There is a big difference between 1947 and 2007. We now have mobility and access to technology unavailable then. Sixty years ago, regional conflicts in some areas would likely stay regional - not to anymore. Evenso, can we allow regional conflicts to continue.

...or, we can just follow along with mainstream American public thinking, which has been doing a heckuva job this far! Two camps: . . . .

But of course by the standards of discussion today, my metrics are all wrong. The hundreds of thousands killed, millions displaced, twenty million living in abject terror, . . .
And the viable alternative is?