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Apr11-03, 04:58 PM
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I'd like to say a big 'Thank you' to FZ+ and Janus for working this question out for me.

I know this thread was about all those moons and gadzooks, 58 is a bunch of moons, but now I'm wondering something;

1) How high might an average person jump, and how rough would the impact be upon landing?

2) If you poured a gallon of water out onto the soil would anything out of the ordinary happen?

3) I'm assuming that the core of this little moon could not be molten and that it should be easy enough, judging from the depths attained here on Earth, to drill a hole completely through the center and out the other side. What would happen if someone jumped down this hole? I mean, would you shoot out the other side into the atmosphere (well, not that there really is any atmosphere worthy of note on this tiny hunk of material) before falling back down through it again, and would you eventually come to rest at the center (just 'floating')?

On question 3 I'm thinking you wouldn't make it much further on the far side than you were from the surface where you jumped, that is, like a pendulum you lose a little 'ground' each time you pass the center.