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Apr29-07, 08:20 PM
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I met my {now} husband on line. In a large breed dog rescue chat site. We chatted about a year befor I felt comfortable enough to meet. Then I made him meet me in the lobby of my local Police Dept. Cop friends of mine ran his plates then gave me a nod, lol, he had no police history, and in fact was a reserve cop in another county.
We had made plans to go to a movie, so I called my son and invited him and his girlfriend to join us. Later he told me that it was much worse then his first dates as a teen, when you had to meet the fathers.
We dated about a year and a half then married. Honestly, if I had met him befor knowing him via chat, I wouldnt of paid any mind to him at all. Mostly because if he dosent know you, he is really shy.