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Jun22-07, 10:21 AM
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I had a strange coincidence occur this morning. For some reason I thought about a guy who had done some work for me in the past - a software engineer who has since moved to New Mexico. Since he moved last year he has emailed me twice, and only in response to specific questions.

This morning, for some reason I was thinking about him and his response when, during his last visit, I told him about my work with algae as an alternative energy source. He was most enthusiastic and I wondered it he had given it any more thought. A little while later when I checked my email, I had one from him about the new mileage standards for cars that Congress has been considering. As nearly as I can tell, it was sent at almost the exact time that I was thinking about him.

He has no role in the business and I have no idea why I would think of him. Since he moved he is pretty much out of the picture.

Very odd.
I have the same things happen. I'll suddenly think of a client I haven't spoken to in over a year and the phone will ring and guess who? It happens quite often, so often that I don't know what to think of it.