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Ian Parker
Jul1-07, 05:49 AM
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On 29 Jun, 07:15, wrote:
> Hi,
> How do I calculate the noise spectrum (a in 1/f^a) for a waterfall as
> a rough estimate? This is not a homework problem, and I wasn't given
> it so it may be more vague or worded differently than expected.

Interesting question. What about finding the distribution of droplet
sizes? I suspect that if you take the speed of sound in water /
droplet size tou will get an approximate distribution. Lets look at
the problem this way. If you look at droplets breaking away there will
be a sound associated. After a droplet breaks away the droplet will
still be resonating. This distribution will not be a simple
relationship. It will depend on heinght (*g) and surface tension. Part
of the gravitational energy goes into surface tension, giving smaller
droplets and higher peak frequencies as the drop increases.

Just a thought. Interesting question, has anyone performed actual

- Ian Parker