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Sep4-07, 11:27 PM
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I originally came to these forums to research scientific facts in order to see how they might support a concept I was planning to base a play on. However, the main fact I learned here is that people, such as myself, annoy scientists.

So, I've decided to pass on writing a play which would have been based on the premise:

Scientists have recently done much to prove the existence of God, only they refer to God as "A Singularity" and have renamed Creation, "The Big Bang."*

Since this string is about death, I decided it might be as good a place as any to allow my project to die, while passing the concept along to those who might find it interesting.

*I thank Marcus for a newer definition of God (well he was defining Singularity -- but, to folks like me, no real difference...) as follows:


The primary meaning is a place (point or region) where a function blows up and fails to give meaningful results. This was taken over into physics: a place where a man-made mathematical model blows up and fails to give meaningful results.


My own personal definition of God is: "The sum total, as well as the lowest common denominator, of all that is," (which will probably piss off scientists, mathematicians, theologists and a whole bunch of other people -- but, hey, all that whacky stuff THEY do doesn't piss ME off!!)

Well, then, bye!! I'm off to a forum about farts or something -- you know, gaseous phenomena I can understand.


P.S. If anyone decides to attack me on this, I'm gonna just close my eyes, clasp my hands together and ask Singularity to forgive you.