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Sep20-07, 03:59 PM
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Rubik's cube combinations

Sorry Chris, the math there is beyond me. I've tried figuring this out many times before. I enjoy CRGreathouse's post because that gave me a formula in which to figure out an NxNxN cube, although I'm not sure how to run the script in Maple. I used Maple and converted the script to Java which is far easier for me to read and it compiles after a tweaking session, but I don't know what variables do what :\

At least I'm a bit farther. I was just hoping someone could say "here's a formula for an NxNxN and one for NxNxNxNxN" or a formula for calculating the exact figures (1000x1000x1000 and 5x5x5x5x5). Maybe even a formula for N-sided I-dimensional. Apparently it's not that easy.

I always make the assumption that because I suck at math, everyone else is amazing at it and this is child's play to them. Figuring out these formula's is like me trying to comprehend Graham's number.

Thanks for your effort so far though!