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Jan20-08, 12:26 AM
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Water to steam

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Thank you for your assistance, that's what i was looking for, though the ratio is lower than i found elsewhere for 14.7 psia. any idea why there is such a wide range of 'correct' answers to this condition? It seems that it would be straight forward and the answer should be consistent for the same conditions.
I really don't know unless those values do not account for the thermal expansion of the liquid water.

For example, water at 80F has a specific volume of 0.016073 ft3/lbm so the liquid water at 212F with a specific volume of .016716 3/lbm has volume of 1.04 times that of water at 80F, and the steam at 212F has then 1667 times the volume of liquid water at 80F.

The steam to water volume ratio depends on which reference temperature one selects for the water and the ambient pressure.