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Mar7-04, 07:00 AM
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I love DH riding, I haven't done much lately due to a dislocated shoulder, but I can't wait to get back to it.
If adrenaline is reading this, we need to have a chat on how wicked riding is, and I want to know what sort of terrain you ride and what kind of bike etc. [a)]!

I also love backcountry skiing, there is nothing like a day spent with friends hiking (using skiis with skins) up a huge mountain and getting the breathtaking 360 view of mountain tops, it's such liberating experience, but oooh then comes the descent[6)] , up to your eyeballs in powder cruising down a crazy mountainside...that's where its at!!!!

I also am getting more into climbing and kayaking. I enjoy Kung Fu and play soccer on and off.
The next sport I really want to learn is surfing!!!

Yup I do love my outdoors sports[:D][:D]!!! Anyone else out there??