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Mar7-04, 04:14 PM
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To onycho:

I have followed this thread with great interest, and posted a comment from which you took notice and responded. Thank you for your comments, and I do mean that.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the embodiment of the discourse throughout this thread, but have also taken notice of a developed tension between yourself and others. In all fairness, I should point-out that the tension created was by no means one-sided, and several parties are indeed involved.
Nonetheless, I find your comments and insights to be of great interest to me and of value to the community for inspection.
In a forum setting, I would suppose that it is much more advantageous to all if one addresses the issues presented by a poster, as opposed to responding to the emotional interludes of the poster(s) themselves.
Of course, this can be inherently difficult, as strong opinions are often accompanied by strong minds, and are we not tempted to defend ourselves and/or our position under those circumstances?
I know I have done it from time-to-time. But it's wrong. Not only is it wrong for any given discussion, it is also wrong for the participants or "silent" viewers of it.
Much can be gained through discourse. Let us continue in a fashionable way worthy of our standings and endeavors.