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Feb10-08, 08:04 AM
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Ah, you're right. All the versions state he was her husband (quite interesting that it also makes it clear that he is NOT the father of Jesus, yet provides Joseph's geneology, not Mary's, thus we know nothing of Jesus' actual geneology from that accounting).

This is not as clear. Only one version I read states it that way. Others phrase it to be the actual marriage, or living together, not necessarily relating it to having intercourse. It seems more that since they weren't yet married, but still engaged, at the time Mary found she was pregnant, and Joseph being convinced not to break it off entirely, they waited until after the baby was born to get married.
Yes, I take your point. The sex is not as clear. I'm going over to the Reform Temple in a week or so and will try to get the Rabbi to fill me in on Jewish marriage customs from that time.

BTW, I do have Mary's genealogy somewhere, courtesy of the LDS. If I recall correctly (a very shaky proposition), she was Joseph's second cousin, so it's pretty much similar.