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Mar19-08, 01:22 PM
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= i pi log(2)-(pi)^2/8
erm isn't it iπ log(2)/4 - π^2/8 ?
tell me how to get these mathematical symbols , how to write an eqn like you have written ?
On your keyboard, there should be a key marked alt or opt.

It's probably on the bottom row, next to the space-bar.

If it's not marked, just try each key which does nothing when you press it on its own.

Anyway, this key is like the shift key that types capitals for you - you hold down alt while you type a normal letter, and it gives you something different: `Ω≈√∫~≤≥慬˚∆˙∂∑^π≠∞#

And if you press both the shift and the alt at the same time, you get ◊ı˘Ō∏flfi⁄

Have you found it?