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Mar22-04, 09:16 PM
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Thanks, Selfadjoint, I guess that now I comprehend better what tensors are. I printed the document out.
I comprhend what vectors and covectors are, and comprhend the rules of transformations between different bases. ALso, more or less have an idea about what linear operators and bilinear forms are. I have problems comprhending the rules of transformations of linear operators between different bases, I refer explicitly to page 20, that says that a linear operator [itex]F_{j}^{i}[/itex] transforms to another basis as

\bar{F}_{j}^{i} = \sum_{p=1}^{3} \sum_{q=1}^{3}
{T_{p}^{i} S_{j}^{q} F_{q}^{p}}

So, how do you get to the Ti p,Sq j and Fp q in the right side of the equality? I feel that i'm on the brim to completely understand tensor calculus, only have to work in a little details