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Mar28-04, 07:05 PM
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FLUKEY OR SPOOKY? Incredible real-life coincidences ...or are they?

I have a few stories that are interesting with regards to "small world" coincidences.

The first involves my brother. He was spending time in Europe. About six months into his trip he stayed in a B'n'B in Portugal. At the time, although he was enjoyibg his adventures immensely, he was longing for some of the familiarities of home. He got up for breakfast and sat at a community table. The woman facing him was a very close family friend our home town.

The second involves a co-worker. I was working for an international company and our US office was participating in a large convention in Paris. One evening after work we were on foot heading towards our dinner destination when the coworker excused himself from the group and approached a couple on the opposite side of the street. We watched as smiles, handshakes, and hugs were exchanged. After a brief conversation, the co-worker rejoined us and explained that these were his next-door neighbors. Neither were aware of the others travel plans to Paris.

I have more, but time is short - I'll post later.