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Jun11-08, 12:35 AM
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perhaps im thinking of something along the lines of a battery. as i hear more and more; this idea doesn't sound very much like a capacitor at all.
i was under the impression that if you could build up enough charge -like that of a chemical battery; and you could drain as much energy as you wanted as fast as you wanted. (unlike a chemical battery)
i don't understand the need for another plate in this (sounds out of the question i know) i realize that there has to be a negative terminal for the entering electrons to be stored. would the other plate be for the negative terminal? if so; then only half of the charge on the positive terminal could be used because the potential difference between the terminals would eventually reach zero. would this slow down the power consumption?

i suppose im confused now; is this a battery or a huge capacitor?
-thanks for your patience.