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Jun23-08, 12:52 AM
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Cherylyn, your diagnosis (if accurate) has a reliable surgical remedy. It's probably only mildly more complex than that of a patient who who needs surgical re-shaping of their cornea for purely visual correction, but your case has to be individually evaluated by an ophthalmologist. Dry eye and associated side effects associated with your condition can bring on other problems that can result in vision loss, and your doctor should evaluate your condition seriously in regard to such possibilities. Please see another ophthalmologist for a second opinion, and ask him/her to interact with your insurance company. Loss of sight is a very serious issue with medical insurance companies, and they may well be willing to cover the cost of surgery if the procedure is properly prescribed and the diagnosis is properly documented and coded. (Don't get me started on medical coding!!) I wish you the best. Please seek further help. Best regards and best wishes.
I will do that, thank you so much, to think that this can be corrected is encouraging. Thank you so much.

I should have sought another opinion long ago, I'm usually pretty assertive about important issues like my vision, I just got caught up in the complexity of it all I guess. Now that the school year has ended I'll have time to find another ophthalmologist, and take on Blue Cross. I'm sure the surgery would be less costly to BC than continuing to see the ophthalmologist every 3 months and prescribe the Alrex the rest of my life. Anyway, again, thank you, you have no idea how hard it has been for me to get information or insight. There's not much help on the net either. Funny how things work, I happened upon this site while looking at HD Wraparounds, go figure