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Jul10-08, 10:12 AM
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Yes Penrose does discuss it, but from what I remember he dismisses it because he doesn't believe it is possible to duplicate a consciousness. The thought experiment does have alarming implications for anyone who believes in the "uniqueness" of conscious identity - hence the reason that Penrose dismisses it.

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That's interesting. So Penrose has the point of view that consciousness can't be completely described in terms of matter.
Penrose was also once of the opinion that time began at the Big Bang, and there was no time before that.
But he changed opinion about that.

I would think that copying a person atom by atom the resulting new person would not know any better then he was the same person as the original.

Isn't there also a hypothetical technique called 'uploading' which aims at preserving one's mind in the exact configuration (I take it that it would scan every neuron in your brain) you once was onto some digital medium (where it could be stored indefinately, untill there is a technique for 'downloading' ).