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Aug5-08, 03:54 AM
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I'm a doctoral student doing my phd work on Einstein's universe. Do you know any books that explain the mechanism that causes the illusion of accelerating expansion in static universe?
I don't think there is one!

I think you need to clarify several points.

First are you simply researching the history of the Einstein static model a la 1920's, or are you trying to resurrect it as an alternative model in the light of, and despite, all the discoveries made since?

If it is the latter, and your questions indicate that this is the way you seem to be going, then you have many hurdles to cross before you have a viable alternative.

For a start....

As I have said elsewhere you need first a mechanism to explain Hubble red shift, i.e. the standard evidence interpreted as an expansion of the universe.

Such mechanisms might be: Tired Light or a variable mass field theory, such as that of Hoyle and Narlikar.

Next you would have to explain in the static model the relative abundance of the elements, the Cosmic Microwave Background, its Power Spectrum, and finally Cosmic Acceleration.

You will find links to references, papers and books in the links I have given you.

I wish you luck!