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Aug31-08, 03:23 AM
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There was a medical operation where they transplanted a monkeys head( including the brain) to another monkey's body. The operation was a success and the monkey appeared to have the "consciences" transplanted as well (Seen on the discovery channel). Such operations have since been declared as illegal.

I think this is a good argument that the consciences and brain are one and the same. It still does not answer the question of what is the force of consciences. It could rule out the heart as the seat of emotion :)

I suspect that the brain ( I am an amateur radio operator) may be nothing more than a receiver of sorts; if we suspect that there is a force present that can transmit to it. Then again, perhaps it is nothing more that a computer with a predefined algorithm embedded within. Who knows these things?
Sounds like someone has been watching the new x-files movie...