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Apr15-04, 12:02 AM
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A real definitive article.....

"Sources in Iraq speculate that occupation forces are using the recent unrest in Iraq to divert attention from their surreptitious shipments of WMD into the country."

Then someone, in Iraq, being asked about WMD!?!?? no joke!
"A professor of physics at Baghdad University also told the MNA correspondent that a group of his colleagues who are highly specialized in military, chemical and biological fields have been either bribed or threatened during the last weeks to provide written information on what they know about various programs and research centers and the possible storage of WMD equipment."

This is the second hand information that we are to rely on?
"He said that the Iraqi scientists believe...."

Unofficial!? more speculation?
"Also, there are unofficial reports that the containers held biological and bacteriological toxins in liquid form."