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Oct12-08, 10:26 AM
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It is dishonest. If you don't want to meet with me - say so, but don't lie. That's what my Mom told me when I was about 3.
The problem with being straight up is because people are SO DAMNED INSECURE.

You can tell me straight up, "I don't want to hang out with you tonight". And I will barely think I thing. But when I do it to someone else, they whine and complain and sob, and conclude I don't like them or something messed up. Liking someone does not imply wanting to hang out with them every darn free moment you have.

Sorry, but no one recipricates those values.

Note: One time I was with a girl, had a really good time and all that. Then she was like, I don't think we will hang out again... you knw the just friends thing, and ended with bad you know (starts with s) etc..., and so on. I was like that's ok, but I knew she liked me. The next day I send her message that we should go dance at some Latino night thing, and she comes out... And another fun night.

If I was a big baby like everyone else, than I would have been like... ah she doesn't like me because the s was bad the first time, and she said we won't hang out, then we would have never hung out again and pretty sure I'll see her again. Grow up, or spend your life crying. You choose.

Yeah, your mom says to be honest at 3, but then you still have to GROW UP.