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Apr26-03, 08:03 PM
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Originally posted by Kerrie
the 13th constellation is ophiuchus, the sign of the bear located in the heavens between scorpio and has no relation to astrology because astrology is based on 360 degrees (a perfect circle) / 12 sections of the earth's ecliptic...
Thanks Kerrie. Is that the constellation Ursus or Ursus minor or something? Is it a Russian configuration?

Yes, 360 degrees. The Feng Shui compass and Feng Shui's purpose to arrange things in such a manner that the arrangement benefits the whole also utilizes the Chinese form of astrology. I mean, Feng Shui and Astrology are both primarily about the effects of placement and arrangement. Chinese astrology uses twelve animals... each representing a 12 unit, 360 some-odd day year or the 360 degrees in a cycle. This form of astrology may have a bear represented in it. It has snakes, dragons, horses, monkees... etc...

I also remember hearing that they had 13 "houses" or constellations at one point. I can be mistaken, as well... I'll ask around.

Thanks again!