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Oct30-08, 02:08 AM
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He trained the next day with my supervisor and my supervisor decided to go ahead and put him on by himself. My problem wasn't trying to figure out how to train him but what to tell my supervisor. He had already told me that if I felt he wasn't able to do the job he would be fired since he had already received 24 hours of training and wasn't catching on to such simple things. I was quite worried that on his own he would have just blanked and forgot to do all manner of things (which effects me if I say I trained him and that he's fine). On top of that I felt really bad to say that I was unsure he could preform his job since I believed that he really probably could.

At any rate he was placed by himself for the last four days and there were no mishaps that we are aware of. I also warned my supervisor of my concerns but he decided that since he was supposed to do a patrol ride along with him he would judge for himself.