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Apr26-03, 11:38 PM
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Greetings !
Originally posted by Kerrie
the link did not come up for me...
Well I tried it again, seems to work now.
Originally posted by Kerrie
however, consulting a skeptic website will
obviously lead you to information that is
biased against astrology...
There's a difference between lying and arguing.
Like I said, I heard this before from an
expert too, and the site seems pretty
respectable to me.
Originally posted by Kerrie
yes they are, it is called vedic astrology and
all the charts practiced in that type of
astrology are moved back exactly (at present)
23.5 degrees....tropical astrology, which is
most widely used uses the date of the spring
equinox to use as a starting place, as the
earth's ecliptic, being a perfect circle,
has no beginning or end, thus astrologists
will use either the tropical starting point
(the spring equinox) or the vedic starting
point (exactly 23.5 degrees prior) to the
spring equinox...
O.K., I see.

Live long and prosper.