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Mar20-03, 12:41 PM
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My understanding of intelligence comes from a computer science background. My masters project was about computers analyzing and classifying images in a way that would try to match human perception. From my musings at the time I came to the conclusion that to be intelligent you need to be able to create a model of the situation.
So in my theory all of us have a model/s of the world. We first must recognise and classify a collection of objects. Then use the models we posses to ascertain their likely attrbutes and behaviour, now and in the future. So to be intelligent we need to perceive, so we can classify. Then we can predict.
Looking at the idea of a conscious, it fits in with my model of intelligence, you need the some appartus of perception and then prediction. Of your actions and the actions of others. So to me intelligence and conscious form a continium that can not be seperated.

What Another God metions about conscious and the super conscious I totally agree with. I've heard of studies which show/suggest the super consciousness act rectrospectivally to what you actually do. So your subconscious does something, and then your super conscious tries to explain it. Those studies changed my world view quite abit.