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Jan2-09, 01:19 PM
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I would just go up to them and ask "where are you taking me Friday night?"
If this ever happens to me with a girl, I think I'll mary her. 3 X Horray for a women's initiative!

Well, joke aside, in general, it seems to me that the more intelligent a person is (no matter of which gender), the more the person seeks in another person. More specific, the importance of physical appearance will decrease (although it's disputable by itself - beauty is an absolutely subjective category, and I hate persons who avoid to admit that!), but I don't believe much.

If by "nerdy" you mean intelligent, that opens another debate, since there is something called emotial intelligence, and it definitely doesn't need to appear in pairs with (let's say) non-emotional intelligence (let's say you're a physics genious or so).