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May5-04, 08:16 PM
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You know, if time travel was real, and I possesed such a device, I already know what I would do.

I'd start looking for super smart people, say, about 500 men and 500 women. Not that I'm a homophobe, but we need hetero relations for this mission.

Anyhow, we'd load up millions of gallons of gas, raw materials, all the other goodies to sustain our population of 1000 people, and go back to the very edge of habitable existance.

Then, being completly isolated from all the idoits of the world today, we would be free to advance our society and mold the rest of the world to our choosing, as we would be much more powerfull then any of the past societys. (500 people with machine guns vs 1,000,000 barbarians with sticks and knives, we only need alot of bullets.)

Anyhow, we would create a perfect society, so that when time got back to 2004, we'd not have these problems. We'd be several thousand more years advanced then we are currently, and would likely already have the moon colonized.

And this, my friends, is why time travel is not possible. If it were, someone would have already done something similar.
hmm yeah,
only it isnt atall prossible to predict how creating a super race would develop over a long period of time. Therefore we might be the first atempt that went a bit wrong...