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May9-04, 06:32 PM
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Don't forget the horrible subcategory:

The (cue dramatic music) Enginerd
Engineers are nerds at your university? At University of Alberta, they're the cool kids. They're the ones with the best parties. They're the ones who drink the most. They're the ones who have the most fun (until they fail all first semester classes ). The engineers at U of A are thought of as the idiots on campus (not including basket weaving courses like philosophy).

I was in engineering at a tech school and all the guys there were pretty awesome. We went to the bar all the time. We had pub crawls. The leaders of the Mechanical Engineering department organized a trip to Las Vegas over the Christmas break.
Engineering is pretty fun actually. Next year in chem, I expect to be grouped with nerds who are not as fun but are easier to relate to.