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Feb9-09, 07:06 PM
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Thanks v2kkim. Your not deviating as far as im concerned, it is the subject of both galaxies and BH. You guys are like walking encyclopaedias on this stuff and it just fascinates me beyond belief. I would like to thank everyone for trying to help me understand more of this and you have. I know its probably easier for you guys just to through up a math equation in most cases, but im trying to keep it simple. I deviated many years ago away from this subject cause of the complicated math behind it. But as long as it remains simple or fairly simple, im interested. You guys have actually painted a fairly clear picture for me.

So another one for you guys regarding a BH. I think I seen some where's, may have been in here, that when a star collapses, the core collapses down to about 12 - 15 Km. So, when it collapses further down, I think its a "singularity", about the size of the head of a needle, is the gravitational pull the same as before the collapse or does it decrease as well. I'd say it decreases to, but nothing seems to be apparent out there? Any insight on that?