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Apr25-09, 07:59 PM
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Atoms and ions radius

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Hey msdel,

I think you made a small mistake in arranging the particles in the increasing order of their radius. According to me, it should be :
S2- / K+ ( of the same order )

This is according to my knowledge. Any criticism is definitely welcome. Thanks.

I am inexperienced with this topic aswell,
but i just want to propose something...
Since S-2 has 16 protons and needs to attract 18 electrons, the electrons are further away from the nucleus than they would be in the case of the Potassium ion K+ where 19 protons need to attract 18 electrons. The protons act as a magnet, and attract the electrons closer to the nucleus.

Can anyone correct me, or contradict me? or am i right....

My Answer:

O, Cl, K+, S -2, K