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May1-09, 11:44 AM
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Random thoughts on pitchforks.

turn the pile upside down and inside out every now and then with a pitchfork.
That's about it. And keep it moist, and perhaps add some cow manure.

As Evo said, there could be snakes in the pile. We occasionally find snake skins in our back yard, and something (possibly a copperhead) bit my hand while I was working in the pile. We have our compost pile on a wood pallet, and I put my hand underneath to lift some of the pile, and something bit down hard. I had two puncture wounds, my hand and forearm become swollen and partially numb. All that subsided after a couple of hours or so.

Wear leather gloves and use a pitchfork to flip the pile and stir it up. There should be some good sized earthworms in there too.