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May25-04, 01:56 PM
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Adrennaline your post:

1) borders on racism

2) displays astoundinf ignorance and bigotry

3) repeats the worst propaganda of the extreme right-wing of Israel such Netanyahu

In answer to your first point:

1) Is completely untrue, certainly some extreme elemnts have had ideas like thi, but then again extreme elemnts in isarel have had exactly the same ideas.

The orginal statement of inetent was drive out the newly arrived immigarnts who took over Palestine in 1948, howver by the 1970's this policy had been abandoned.

2) Israel has killed many, many more innocent civilains than all the Palestinan groups combined, let's not forget either that the terrrorism is a direct result of Israel's disposseion and brutal occupation of the Palestinians.

3) Jewish nationalism didn't exist until the 19th century but I wouldn't be as stupid to say there's no such people as the Jews, Palestinan nationalism didn't exist until the early 20th century either (before being subsumed and suppressed by Arab nationalism. They do have a unique national identit, but that's immaterial anyway as whther or not they have national identity Israel had no right to throw them out of their homes.

4) Again astoundinmg ignorance of history. Black Septmeber happend after the 1967 war when the Palestinians became a majority in Jordan due to fleeing refugees. The Jordanian government felt threatend by the growing power of Palestian resistance groups and in 1970 a fighting erupted which ended with the Jordainian goivernment expelled the PLO. The war in Lebanon was caused by tensions between the ruling Christian minority and the Arab, Israel particpated in this war and under Sharon the Israeli army were involve din a massacre of a thousnad Palestinian civilains by a Phalangist miltia group.

The Palestinas are in the main Israel's responsibilty it threw them out of their homes and stole their land in 1948. No one else did this. The status of the West Bank and Gaza as occupied terrority is a legal one designted by the Foutrth geneva Convention.

A few other points:

1) The British adminstered Palestine and Transjordan toghetr for less than a decade under miltary rule, when the territories were mandated they were divided into Palestine and TransJjordan. It has been the favourite proprganda tool of the members of Israel's far right to say that Jordan is Palestine this is not the case it was never creted for this purpose.

2) it is unsuprsing that the Palestinoans found the 1948 partiton undesirable as it gave the majority of the land to the minority (which was constituted mostly of newly arrived immigarnts, many illegal) and even in the areas thta were designated as Jewish the Arabs still formed the majority anyway.

What you seem to be suggesting that because there ws no Palestina nation in 1948, it's prefectly acceptable for Israel to expel and refse re-entry to pakestian civilains who were completly uninvoved in the fighting.