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May5-03, 12:17 AM
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1) You gotta wear shoes it's impossible to walk in
2) The guy in the office with the same qualifications, same age and experience gets more pay because he's ......... a guy
3) Guys keep staring at your legs
4) A lot of guys expect you to work fulltime, clean the house, cook all the meals and look after the kids
5) You gotta look good all the time, the older you get the more warpaint you're supposed to wear
6) You sit in a bar on your own and guys swarm round like flies
7) Nine months of labor; the guy only has to work five minutes
8) Guys seem to run everything: when will there be a woman president?
9) You can't pee standing up without removing a lot of clothing
10) It's just too hard work being a woman
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